Adventure Asset Pack

The Adventure Asset Pack is a collection of 65 low poly assets for use in a 3d platforming type game. You can see an example of how this would be used in a game from this CGCookie course:

Included in this pack is:

3 Bridges
4 Trees
6 Rocks
3 Platforms including
1 Large Island
5 platform pieces
5 Grassy Hills
2 Water Pieces (included with Grassy Hills)
8 props
4 Trap pieces
3 Mesh Particles
2 Clouds
2 Collectibles
3 3D Text Elements
4 Mountains
10 Vegetation pieces

You’ll find the completed Blend file included (made with Blender 2.8) along with exported FBX files ready to use. For those of you wanting to jump right into Unity, you’ll also find a Unity package that contains all the FBX files and individual prefabs ready to be used in your next game.

You can purchase the pack here: